On Line UPS

Essma manufactures and supplies an exclusive collection of Online UPS 1Kva-120 Kva 1& 3 Phase, which is guaranteed high performance and offers you an uninterrupted power supply round the clock. Our Online UPS Systems are widely preferred among customers, because not only provide major power backup source during power cuts but also offer clean power without sags, surges, harmonics and noises during mains brown out & black out conditions. Essma Industrial Online UPS System is a double conversion, high frequency, PWM technology IGBT UPS with Smart charger CKT, which increases the life of the battery.


  • Power back up source for Corporate, BPO, KPO, Work Stations, Bank, ATM, Hospitals, Network Stations, Browsing Centers, Bio Medical Equipments, Telecom Equipments, Broadcasting, and many more.

Salient Features

  • Pure Sinewave
  • Double Conversion
  • High Frequency PWM
  • IGBT Inverter
  • Static Switch Option
  • LCD Display
  • µp Based Controller for Communication
  • High Efficiency
  • Active Power Factor Correction
  • RS 232 Interface with software Option
  • Built in Galvanic Isolation Transforme

Technical Specification

Capacity (KVA)
DC Volts
1 / 2 3/5 5/7.5
48V 72V 120V
192 / 240V / 360V
Voltage Range
Power Factor
230V 20%
415V ±15% -25%
at 0.8 typical
50HZ±3 Hz
415V         15% -25%
Output Phase
Voltage / Regulation
Full Load Current
Nominal Frequency
Power Factor
Over Load
Static Voltage Regulation
Dynamic Voltage Regulation

Total Harmonic Distortion
Inverter Efficiency
Crest Factor
230V 1%
Single / Three
230V        1%
Rated at 0.8 p.f.
50Hz 0.5 Hz
0.8 p.f.
125% for 10 Minutes & 150% for 1 Minute
6% for 50% step load change
1 % of Nominal for all variations of Line Load
10% for 10% to 100% step load change
For Linear loads 2.5%. For Non linear loads 5%
85% to 93% on full load depending on capacity
1 : 3
400V        1%
Protections Charger


  Input circuit breaker, Charger over voltage,
Charger over current limit.

Battery low cut off / Current limit, HRC fuse in battery path, Battery over charger trip.

Output over voltage / Over load trip
Current limit, Short Circuit.
Phase failure,
Abnormal Phase sequence
Display Indications


Metering (Optional)
  Main ON , UPS ON, UPS Trip, UPS OV IUV, Battery Low trip,

Alpha numerical display

Output Voltmeter, Output Ammeter
Environ. Operating Temperature Range

Relative Humidity

Max. Operating altitude without Derating

Acoustic Noise
  O°C to 40°C

950% non condensing


Manuall static By Pass I PF correction I Remote display I Control Software I SNMP compatibility
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