Off Line Sine Wave Home UPS

Our manufactured Offline/Line Interactive UPS are based on advanced technologies that enable them to protect your computer by supplying only regulated AC Mains Voltage. Wide series of Essma Offline Power UPS is available in various models to offer backup power stretching from 10 minutes to 8Hrs depending on the connected battery bank. Our company supplies optimum performance Offline UPS Systems designed and manufactured using latest state-of-the-art technology.

During normal condition the power flow straight from the system, but when the input voltage fails or fluctuates, UPS starts providing battery power through the inverter. In this situation inverter is switched on and quasi sine wave is supplied. Once the main power is back the output is switched back on to the main then the inverter is turned off. But their will be break of milli second during the transfer.

Technical Specification

140 / 160V to 270AC
Frequency 50Hz 3Hz
Output 200 to 240 on Mains (for A va Model)
Frequency 50Hz O.IHz(On Batterv)
Regulation 230 2%(On Battery )
Waveform Ouasi Sine Wave
Power factor 0.8Lap to Unity
Efficiency Greater than 90%
Thas For Time Less than transfer
Distortion Less than 2%
Noise Level Less than 40db
With Standing Capacity 125% Over load for 5Min.
Type Of Cooling Forced air coolin2
Indication Mains ON, Inverter ON, Battery Low, Over Load
Alarm Battery Low/Over Load/Inverter Mode
Battery Type SMF/Tubular
Optional Features  
Software Software for Auto save & Automatic shut down of the system compatible with Linux and windows (Optional)
Input Mains ffi2h Low Cut off
Battery Over Charge / Low Voltage Cutoff
OUTPUT Over Load / Short Circuit
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