Mini UPS

ESSMA manufactures and supplies an exclusive collection of Mini UPS to help you prevent sudden power cut. Our manufactured Mini UPS offers you uninterrupted power supply round the clock without any hassle requiring easier operation and minimal maintenance. This user friendly UPS is compact and portable that earns it unprecedented demand among customers. The most trusted Mini UPS is economic for a common man, which offers reliable power supply with unimaginable features.


  • Power back up source for Corporate, BPO, KPO, Work Stations, Bank, ATM, Hospitals, Network Stations, Browsing Centers, Bio Medical Equipments, Telecom Equipments, Broadcasting, and many more.


  • Compact with built-in battery for 3 hrs non stop power.
  • Dual charging facility both with electric power & solar power (optional) with charging cut off.
  • Protection against deep discharging of battery for better and efficient durability.
  • Light weight.
  • Easily portable and can be mounted on wall.
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