PWM Technology
140 / 160V to 270AC
Frequency 50Hz 3Hz
Output 200 to 240 on Mains (for A va Model)
Frequency 50Hz O.IHz(On Batterv)
Regulation 230 2%(On Battery )
Waveform Ouasi Sine Wave
Power factor 0.8Lap to Unity
Efficiency Greater than 90%
Thas For Time Less than transfer
Distortion Less than 2%
Noise Level Less than 40db
With Standing Capacity 125% Over load for 5Min.
Type Of Cooling Forced air coolin2
Indication Mains ON, Inverter ON, Battery Low, Over Load
Alarm Battery Low/Over Load/Inverter Mode
Battery Type SMF/Tubular
Optional Features  
Software Software for Auto save & Automatic shut down of the system compatible with Linux and windows (Optional)
Input Mains ffi2h Low Cut off
Battery Over Charge / Low Voltage Cutoff
OUTPUT Over Load / Short Circuit