Bangalore based manufacturer, supplier and after sales service provider of Online UPS, Offline UPS, Sine Wave Home UPS, Servo Voltage Stabilizers, and Tubular Batteries.

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Megapulses Battery Reverter / Life Enhancer

Megapulses Battery Reverter / Life Enhancer
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M.S. Electronics is well known manufacturer and supplier of Tubular Batteries for power backup products. We introduced Battery life enhancer device after with deep study of battery structure & life cycle, which are designed and developed by our expert designers. Our Megapulse (Microprocessors Based Electronic Device) extends battery life and enhances efficiency. These are easier to connect and no maintenance that earns them higher demand among customers.

  • Extends battery life up to 5 times longer.

  • Eliminates sulphation (prime cause of battery failure).

  • Provides greater charge acceptance, so batteries recharges faster.

  • Returns battery capacity back to 100 percent & maintains peak battery efficiency.

  • Reduces loss of charge in stored vehicles.

  • Help protect the environment by reducing the number of batteries unnecessarily discarded every year.

  • Gives you full service life & value for money out of your battery.

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