Bangalore based manufacturer, supplier and after sales service provider of Online UPS, Offline UPS, Sine Wave Home UPS, Servo Voltage Stabilizers, and Tubular Batteries.

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Sine Wave Home UPS

Sine Wave Home UPS
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Our manufactured Sinewave Home UPS 600VA - 10KVA & 800 VA is powered by Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology. Using this technology, we can bring you pure sine wave output along with synchronized change over. The pure sine wave output is as smooth as the utility power. Our Sine Wave Home UPS protects your delicate instruments audio & research equipment that is particularly sensitive to the background noise created by generator and ordinary inverter power.

  • Power back up source for Household, Emergency Power Systems, Domestic Computer and its Peripherals, Photography, Small Water Pumps and all motor based applications, Life Saving Medical Equipments, Browsing Centers, Air Conditioning, Elevators (Life), etc.

    Salient Features
    • DSP Based design with Stable sine wave output

    • MOSFET based PWM technology with greater efficiency

    • Wide input voltage range

    • Selector switch for Low/High charging

    • Battery high protection

    • Over temperature protection

    • Reverse battery protection

    • MCB Protection for input overload

    • No humming noise (Salient inverter)

    • High efficiency

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